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Villa Rosa, Waterbury, CT

July 20, 2010

This was our first visit to Villa Rosa in Waterbury CT. This facility has 24 faux columns surrounding the perimeter of the ballroom. We uplit each one with our LED pars and added a few LED bars to highlight the draping along a row of windows. We also provided pinspotting, and a monogram gobo projection on the airwall with a complementing amber texture background. We also projected another monogram gobo onto the floor in the foyer to be seen as guests were leaving. We had the pleasure of working with DJ Rocco, Schaler Photography and Myers Video Productions for this wedding!  

Uplighting By the Cake Table




Gobo with additional texture wash


Monogram Gobo on the floor in the foyer

Three Weddings and a Lighting Design!

July 12, 2010

The Hunnewell Building on the grounds of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society at Elm Bank, is one of our favorite venues to light. There is plenty of power, a high ceiling, and a big white empty room to work with! Our latest project there were 3 weddings in one weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The 3 couples and their families collaborated with us and the result was a medium amber conventional uplighting scheme with a lighter complementing texture gobo wash on the ceiling of the main building. We also uplit the attached tent (and a second tent added for the first wedding)  and hung 2 dozen illuminated white lanterns to add scale to the tent. Each wedding used the different parts of the building for different purposes, and we were able to adjust the design quickly to fit each couples needs. All 3 weddings were able to share the cost of the basic lighting package and  were able to add additional items for thier event. For the second wedding, we provided wireless mics and sound for the ceremony and for the reception supported a Jazz trio with a full sound system in the main room and provided a satellite speaker system and feed into the tent.
The third wedding moved the dance floor into the tent so we dimmed the lanterns and uplights to create a romantic atmosphere as the night progressed.

Springstep in Medford

June 24, 2010

Springstep is a  busy multi-use dance facility in the Boston suburb of Medford, MA. We used LED bars to transform a medium-sized dance studio into an upscale club room for dancing after the formal reception was held in the large studio upstairs! We lit an existing full length window drape with a custom programmed slow rolling color fade that complemented the wedding colors and added the Bride and Groom’s custom monogram via a gobo projection on the wall.  

Springstep Web Images


Club Room


Table shot


Upper Dance Studio

The Castle of Knights

June 21, 2010

The Castle of Knights is a classic banquet facility in Chicopee, MA. We were asked to provide a custom sized Gobo projection over the impressive stone fireplace, pinspot selected room elements and uplight the room. 

Uplighting with Pinspots

Uplighting on drapery with Pinspots

Uplighting, Pinspots and a Custom Monogram Gobo Projection

Table Pinspotting

Arrangement Pinspotting

Cape Cod Wedding Style

June 13, 2010

The Red Jacket Beach Resort on the Cape is a great venue for a family vacation; we’ve been there many times! But we recently had the opportunity to transform the function rooms at the facility for a great wedding. The location is perfect for a wedding and the service and food were outstanding. We used pipe and drape to hide some elements in the room and provided two scenes of uplighting, table pinspotting and a monogram gobo projection. Our friends from the Boston Common Band and E.C.F. Entertainment provided some of the best live entertainment we have heard at a wedding this year! 

Monogram Gobo with Uplighting and Cake Pinspotting


Uplighting and Cake and Table Pinspotting


Uplighting and Table Pinspotting


Uplighting and Specialty Table Pinspotting




Sweetheart Table with Ocean View


Room View After Uplighting switched to Blue

Playing Around with Light “Part Deux”

June 9, 2010

The Log Cabin, Durocher Florist, Robert Charles Photography, and CJC Event Lighting are working on a marketing project that you will see the results of shortly. Here are a few sneak peeks of the second shoot in the Southampton Room at the Log Cabin. (please note that these are my own photos, the real images taken by Bob from Robert Charles are amazing!!)   

Purple Wall Washes in background


Deep Blue Uplighting with Pinspotting


Purple Wall Washes

A Tuscan Wedding

June 6, 2010

We transformed The Log Cabin in Holyoke, MA for a Tuscan themed wedding using Amber uplights and a de-focused head table texture using antique floral breakup gobos. We pinspotted the Head Table, cake table and guest table arrangements to highlight and the transformation took its true form during a wonderful “Log Cabin” sunset! The food at this wedding was incredible and non-stop! 

Tuscan themed Amber uplighting


Tuscan themed Amber uplighting with pinspotted arrangement


Pinspotted Cake


Custom Monogram Gobo with Halftone

The Alice In Wonderland Themed Prom

June 6, 2010

When Pittsfield High School in Pittsfield, MA approached us about lighting their “Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass” themed Prom, a couple of thoughts immediately jumped into my head: a Cheshire cat grin that would magically, randomly appear around the room, and the bright palette we would have to use that would instantly transform  the room into Wonderland. After working with the advisors, we developed a gobo load and a color scheme to complete the project.  I custom designed the Cheshire cat grin gobo for one our moving head lights and wrote a quick program to randomize its location around the room at varying time intervals.
All 370 attendees entered the room though a student created “Rabbithole” entrance that we enhanced with spinning gobos and additional custom lighting.
An “enchanted garden” lounge area that featured student created art was enhanced with a floor to ceiling texture wash to complement the forest green uplighting. During dancing, the back wall undulated with bright colors from our LED wall wash units. Opposite the lounge area, we textured the wall and tables in the area with an violet and sunset amber glow using a great open type grill gobo that gave the area a nice spacey, cool effect. We highlighted more student created art around the room, and uplit the main dining area using bright colors.
(Props also go to the venue, The Pittsfield Crowne Plaza, for serving all 370 delicious meals hot and all within a few minutes of each other!)   

Custom Gobos including the Cheshire Cat Grin that randomly appeared in different locations around the room


Enchanted Garden themed lounge with chessboard dance floor gobo projection


Enchanted Garden themed lounge with wall texture and uplighting


Opposing wall with custom gobo texture


Entrance to the ballroom was transformed into a "Rabbit Hole"

It’s Prom Time!

May 29, 2010

It’s Prom Time! Our first prom this year was for Monument Mountain Regional High School.  We transformed the spacious Grand Ballroom at the Berkshire Crowne to a modern trendy clublike atmosphere with LED Uplighting and texture projections on each end wall.      

Wall Texture with Uplighting


Wall Texture with Uplighting


Wall Texture with Uplighting


Uplighting with illuminated vases

Playing Around With Light

May 21, 2010

We had the opportunity to play around with some of our friends at the Delaney House this past week, Durocher Florist, Robert Charles Photography, and CJC Event Lighting are working on a marketing project that you will see the results of shortly. Here are a few sneak peeks at the shoot. It was fun to work with some colors that we might not otherwise get a chance to use… (please note that these are my own photos, the real images taken by Bob from Robert Charles are amazing!!)  

Draping with Uplighting and Pinspotting


A nice pink uplight with a complementing gobo texture on the recessed chandelier.


Deep Blue with a Pinspotted floral arrangement by Durocher Florist


Deep Blue with Pinspotted floral arrangements by Durocher Florist


Green... not sure about this color... 🙂