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Theatrical Lighting and Uplighting for your Wedding or Special Event

February 16, 2011
We’ve all seen those ultimate wedding shows. You know the ones where the budget just makes you blink a couple of times. A common theme in most of those high-end weddings is the use of theatrical lighting to create a mood in the venue. Once only reserved for the “platinum wedding” crowd, Theatrical lighting can enhance any event for almost any budget.

Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA

 The right lighting will create the right atmosphere and when it’s done well, lighting can make everything, including your flowers, cake, and guests, look better. Lighting can transform a venue. You can take an old church hall or a dated banquet room and completely transform it into a very high-end looking room.

Boston Harbor Hotel, Boston, MA

 Simple lighting solutions can be quite affordable. If you’re planning an evening reception, make sure to visit your site at least once when it’s dark outside. Look around the room and see where the fixed lighting is focused. Lights that illuminate the walls, windows, and ceiling can draw attention away from the center of the room. You want to keep everyone’s eyes on the tables, dance floor, and each other.

Cambridge Marriott, Boston, MA

You’ll also need to discuss how much electricity your lighting designer is going to need. Your band or DJ will have to have an isolated power source and won’t want to risk tripping a circuit breaker.Ask if the site has dimmers for their overhead lights, and if there’s any fluorescent lighting at all, keep it turned off! Also, make sure there won’t be any service doors kept open, which could flood the space with light and ruin the effect.

Easthampton Room at The Log Cabin, Holyoke, MA

 In order to express your desires to your lighting professional, You’ll need to know a couple of terms which will help to let the designer know what you want.
 A Pin Spot is a fixture that provides a focused beam of light to illuminate an object like a centerpiece or wedding cake.
 A Color Wash is basically a blanket of colored light covering an entire area. This can be accomplished with Uplighting.
 Uplighting is when there are fixtures placed on the floor shooting up on to the wall. Several different types of fixtures can be used to accomplish this effect. Your lighting professional will recommend the right fixture by taking into account power requirements and the type of color saturation desired.
  Gobo projections can include the couple’s monogram or an abstract texture pattern to add interest to a plain wall or ceiling.

About the Event Lighting Blog:

Jim Powers is the CEO of CJC Event Lighting, a professional lighting and production company based in Massachusetts. Jim has over 25 years experience in the wedding industry, and has been heavily involved in Electrical Engineering, Music & Sound Production and Theatrical Lighting for much longer than he would like to admit and his age would suggest.
CJC Event Lighting specializes in Wedding and Event Lighting in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Boston, and all of New England. CJC Event Lighting transforms your event space using professional theatrical lighting equipment setup and operated by experienced theatrical lighting designers.

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The Boston Harbor Hotel

August 10, 2010

The Boston Harbor Hotel is a great place for a wedding! The view is spectacular and the service is second to none. The venue has some features that make lighting the room a fun project! There are accessible, but unnoticable lighting battens built in to the ceiling for Pinspots or lekos, and a dmx console built into the room! The 6 columns in the center of the room can be uplit with either our wireless units or our pars or short bars. The perimeter of the room looks great with our 1 meter LED bars for full, even coverage. 

View from the Harbor


Overall Room with LED Bars on perimeter and LED wireless units on the columns


Pinspotted Cake


Pinspotted Head Table


Gobo Projection on Dance Floor

Colormaker wireless battery operated LED fixtures available at CJC Event Lighting

August 10, 2010

CJC Event Lighting announces the availability of Colormaker LED fixtures to augment  it’s arsenal of available professional lighting equipment. These units feature  a small LED panel, a 10 hour battery life and wireless color control. Perfect for the small area without access to power that needs uplighting, these units also feature wireless control of the color output.    



Colormaker uplighting a column


Uplighting a column wirelessly