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The Alice In Wonderland Themed Prom

June 6, 2010

When Pittsfield High School in Pittsfield, MA approached us about lighting their “Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass” themed Prom, a couple of thoughts immediately jumped into my head: a Cheshire cat grin that would magically, randomly appear around the room, and the bright palette we would have to use that would instantly transform  the room into Wonderland. After working with the advisors, we developed a gobo load and a color scheme to complete the project.  I custom designed the Cheshire cat grin gobo for one our moving head lights and wrote a quick program to randomize its location around the room at varying time intervals.
All 370 attendees entered the room though a student created “Rabbithole” entrance that we enhanced with spinning gobos and additional custom lighting.
An “enchanted garden” lounge area that featured student created art was enhanced with a floor to ceiling texture wash to complement the forest green uplighting. During dancing, the back wall undulated with bright colors from our LED wall wash units. Opposite the lounge area, we textured the wall and tables in the area with an violet and sunset amber glow using a great open type grill gobo that gave the area a nice spacey, cool effect. We highlighted more student created art around the room, and uplit the main dining area using bright colors.
(Props also go to the venue, The Pittsfield Crowne Plaza, for serving all 370 delicious meals hot and all within a few minutes of each other!)   

Custom Gobos including the Cheshire Cat Grin that randomly appeared in different locations around the room


Enchanted Garden themed lounge with chessboard dance floor gobo projection


Enchanted Garden themed lounge with wall texture and uplighting


Opposing wall with custom gobo texture


Entrance to the ballroom was transformed into a "Rabbit Hole"