Mechanics Hall

Mechanics Hall is a great venue in Worcester, MA. We used a bazillion conventional fixtures to properly light this wedding… ok, not a bazillion… around 75. We used Par36s, 38s, 56s and 64s to properly balance the room with the just the right amount of light. We needed to use a couple different flavors of amber gels to compensate for not only bulb wattage, but the different projection surfaces as well. We also used a few of our new 5W Amber LED fixtures and we were able to match the conventional generated amber perfectly. 
The balcony makes a perfect place to mount pinspots to highlight every guest table.
More photos of this one are coming!

Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA

Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA

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Jim Powers is the CEO of CJC Event Lighting, a professional lighting and production company based in Massachusetts. Jim has over 25 years experience in the wedding industry, and has been heavily involved in Electrical Engineering, Music & Sound Production and Theatrical Lighting for much longer than he would like to admit and his age would suggest.
CJC Event Lighting specializes in Wedding and Event Lighting in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Boston, and all of New England. CJC Event Lighting transforms your event space using professional theatrical lighting equipment setup and operated by experienced theatrical lighting designers.

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